Predoctoral Program


CTTC encourages all its research staff to pursue a PhD. We believe it provides the foundation for a successful research career in technological disciplines, such as telecommunications and remote sensing/geomatics. Understanding the needs for future telecommunication networks require not only a deep understanding of the current architectures and technologies but the fundamental theoretical and analytical tools to imagine and realize future technological solutions.

At CTTC we offer highly experienced researchers with strong scientific CV to support you pursue your PhD. CTTC has agreements with different universities for you to enroll in the University PhD program and carry out your research and PhD thesis work at CTTC premises under supervision of CTTC permanent research staff. The research topic is chosen in mutual agreement within the candidate and its respective supervisor.

Carrying out your research at CTTC will allow you to interact with other researchers in the group and have access to most advanced testbeds and experimental infrastructure. We also encourage participation in daily activities of the group to allow you develop a variety of skills. Not only technical but soft skills like oral presentation to communicate the value and relevance of your work to different audiences.

PhD students at CTTC typically enjoys a standard contract with CTTC, becoming part of its staff and enjoying the same benefits as the rest of CTTC members.

Pre-doctoral job openings will be published under the general Job Openings section.

We recently created specific one year contracts “Transitional Predoc Contracts” to allow you prepare a PhD application in official programs. If you are highly motivated in performing cutting edge research apply to these new CTTC grants and start working with us towards your future research career. Women applications are highly encouraged. Check for openings at Job Openings section.

We recommend you identify a topic of your interest, and feel free to directly contact CTTC’s research staff to learn more about it. CTTC regularly supports candidates for the FI and FPI programs. 

You can find the list of the defended PhD thesis by CTTC graduates here.  

Contact: or the Heads of the Research Units.